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Founder & Managing Director


With prudent business acumen and extensive experience in FinTech, Natural Resource and Real Estate, Efroyim has a successful track record helping clients across a wide range of developed and emerging markets.

Efroyim successfully co-founded (and still acts as senior management consultant to) the Minexco Group of Companies which initiated, financed and developed several natural resource concessions in West Africa and South America. He has also worked in various sectors including wholesale trading of technology products, private air charters and asset management.

Efroyim takes pride in his corporate and social responsibility and has always made a concerted effort to operate in ways that enhance society and the environment and has been the head of various projects, such as pollution reduction projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions in South America, Master of Business Administration (MBA) accredited courses and training schemes, partnerships and opportunities for local communities in Guyana and across Western Africa. 

Executive Partner


Moshe has a sterling reputation to nurture internal and external relationships helping clients grow their business, enhance revenues and increase profits.  Having built an extensive influential network Moshe has become a respected, global connector in the international business world and facilitates prolific synergies. 

Moshe’s humble, honest and captivating personality has led him to hold prominent positions on various Boards, including Hydro-C, Natura Fund, Sir Anthony Ritossa Family Office, The Abrahamic Business Circle, amongst others.  Moshe frequently is invited to speak at international summits, where he imparts his knowledge on forging strategic relationships, empowerment, and business integrity.

Fostering economic diplomacy, goodwill and peace in the world are of utmost importance and Moshe is also an Ambassador of Global Goodwill and World Peace.

Chief Operating Officer


Perrie has extensive experience working for both start-up business and established companies across a range of sectors, including financial services, oil & gas and property.  At H Capital Ventures she has particular responsibility for project management and investment research and analysis, while she was also part of team assisting the Minexco Group of Companies.


In the real estate sector she has worked with renowned surveyors, valuers, developers and asset managers on extensive commercial portfolios spanning mixed-use/residential real estate across the UK, with a particular focus on London. 

UAE Executive Manager


Dror is an innovative and motivated business development and strategic team leader.

Heading up the H Capital Ventures UAE office, Dror brings with him a solid track record of cultivating lucrative global relationships, as well as facilitating and executing strategies to prolific outcomes.

Dror is an integral member of the team and has successfully project managed multiple businesses in a vast array of sectors including logistics, diamond, mineral, wholesale and retail.

Dror is an active originator to facilitate new business opportunities for individuals and businesses looking to expand endeavours.

Lawyer and Legal Consultant


Gilad holds key legal and tax advisory roles at a number of international fiduciary companies, including Board-level positions with foreign private companies engaged in trading, commercial and real estate projects. He is a vital asset to our team, playing a key role in our day-to-day corporate management, legal and financial operations.



Anthony has worked with the team for numerous years and is the Managing Director of Global Strategy Ltd, a firm that specialises in strategic and communications consulting to international businesses, institutions and finance centres. 

Prior to setting up Global Strategy, Anthony was a financial services partner at KPMG in London advising many of the firm’s international banking and other financial services clients on their European strategies.  Whilst at KPMG, Anthony launched Taxback, an international campaign which was joined by over 20 of the largest global custodian banks to lobby tax authorities throughout Europe to help streamline procedures for recovering international tax payments.

Anthony has a sterling reputation for delivering high level advice to government and business leaders on strategy, communications and crisis management.



We further retain highly regarded international financial and legal advisors. All our consultants are active in corporate and commercial transactions, financial services, securities and capital markets and their involvement assists us with client focused projects.

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