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While traditional finance is ideal for many, banks can be bureaucratic and adopt strict lending criteria which be hard to fulfil. We can assist those companies and investors who may wish to access alternative sources of funding to finance their strategic ambitions. Since 2013 we have arranged a number of large successful roadshows and assisted in closing those capital investment transactions.


In addition to securing finance, we are also able to offer investors the opportunity to facilitate non-conventional loans for other parties. Such loans offer higher than average returns with minimal risk, as all expenses and set up costs are borne by the borrower.  


Accessing Finance

We assist clients in exploring new markets and establishing connections for capital raising by:

  • Conducting in-depth research, investor mapping, risk profiling and due diligence

  • Exploring innovative lending options, including bilateral, syndicated and mezzanine financing arrangements via European bonds

  • Liaising with financial and legal advisors to ensure a seamless transaction from start to finish

  • Creating a robust investment strategy which will secure the best possible results

This collaboration is alongside H Capital Ventures (Dubai), in conjunction with, H Capital Securitization SA, who are experts in the setup, promotion, and maintenance of securitization vehicles. These vehicles effectively transform assets and future cash flows into tradable securities, more details can be found at

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