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Setting up an office in a new market comes with numerous risks, and finding the right partner is central to your success. We help clients by acting as your ‘feet on the street’, ensuring that your business is supported and guided in the best possible way from the very start.


How we help:


New Market Entry

  • Our expertise lies in helping clients understand the many risks and opportunities that may affect your business in an unfamiliar market. Our experts will conduct feasibility assessments, connect you with local networks and assist with local compliance regulations

Due Diligence

  • Entering an unfamiliar market can be overwhelming. We’ll conduct all the necessary due diligence to ensure that you are aware of all the opportunities and obstacles that you may face

Company Formation

  • We provide on-the ground support with a trusted, experienced partner to help you establish your office and get things up and running


Local Liaison Services

  • We offer comprehensive local liaison services. Our commitment to clients includes a high level of confidentiality and a tailor-made service, ensuring effective communication and support during periods of transition, thus helping clients progress positively through growth programs with a dedicated team specializing in corporate crisis management.


Growing Your Business

  • By combining our commercial expertise with entrepreneurial flexibility and local expertise we can execute your market entry plans, help you develop your strategic goals and devise the brand and marketing strategies to ensure your ongoing success  

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