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The challenge

Our expertise lies in connecting people and businesses across markets and borders. So when our West African client was looking for a partner to revamp an aluminium smelter in sub -Saharan Africa they approached us for help.

Our work

Using our extensive network of business and government leaders in the region, we were soon able to put our client in touch with the right people to help the project become reality. Our assistance included:

  • providing strategic consulting and development services

  • assisting with aluminium project financing

  • conducting an extensive feasibility study, in collaboration with HATCH, in order to review the asset, conduct due diligence and determine projected returns

Our Impact

The smelter has today become one of the largest smelters in the region and is a major producer and exporter of primary aluminium.

The smelter produces 50,000 tonnes every year and is currently undergoing an expansion programme to enable it to increase production to 300,000 tonnes.

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