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The challenge

Our bespoke Real Estate division had a client who owns a significant international property portfolio and was looking to invest in the UK for the first time. The client asked for our advice to help understand the market and find the right opportunity.

Our work

As a partner to our clients, rather than simply a broker or an agent, we aimed to provide a comprehensive advisory service at every stage of the investment journey. Since our client was unable to demonstrate a proven track record within the UK, the first step was to build his credibility and reputation.

We devised a multi-point plan which involved:

  • appointing a team of advisors to source potential opportunities

  • facilitating introductions with town planners, housing associations, architects and developers, to help our client understand the unique characteristics of the UK market

  • identifying a potential JV with an established partner to enhance his standing and chances of success

  • performing due diligence for the potential deals, including a build/cost analysis and income projections

  • managing all of the required planning, legal and financial obligations once a suitable opportunity had been found.

Our Impact

Within a short time we had secured the client his first investment in the UK with the acquisition of a retail shopping centre.

Due to our strong relationships with alternative funders we secured a fixed bridging loan on very favourable terms. This enabled us to implement an asset management strategy which increased the yield by 2.5% in the first year. Our client was therefore able to refinance on significantly better terms ahead of the next stage of their growth plans as they began redeveloping the shopping centre.

We have repeated this process to help other clients who are looking to invest in the UK property sector.

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